Monday, September 3, 2007

who in their right mind doesn’t love surrealism?

but it looked so real!

Local art fan chastised for attempting to make love to surrealist painting last month at notably relaxed art museum. When asked why he did it, he said “to impress my girlfriend and to show the museum staff I was not gay.” Well young man, you’ve definitely done that. You’ve definitely done that.


sugarbat said...

You should definitely get that scoliosis looked at.

Cold Bacon said...

shut up, that's 'fucking posture'. but yeah, i know.

Cartooniste said...

hey- i've made out in that museum before!

ah, to be young and free again.

Cold Bacon said...

i'm not stopping you. wait. let me be more clear. i'm encouraging you. wait, let me be more clear. i'm encouraging you to make out in that museum. wait, wait. not sure if i'm being clear here. i'm encouraging you to make out with me, in that museum. next week.

Cold Bacon said...

also, that must have been in the days before the security battalion moved in. they're so uptight now, you couldn't even get in two licks before they'd be all over you.

Cold Bacon said...

but we can try it.

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